Adam M.

Creative Developer


$65.00 / Hr
11-20 hours per week
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Hello, I'm Adam, a passionate and creative developer with a strong focus on animation and motion graphics. My journey in the world of digital art and design has been nothing short of exhilarating, as I've dedicated myself to bringing ideas to life through captivating visuals and engaging animations.

As a creative developer, I thrive on the exciting intersection of technology and art, using my skills to craft immersive experiences that capture the imagination. My work encompasses a wide range of projects, from eye-catching website animations to dynamic video graphics. I'm driven by a deep love for the ever-evolving field of animation, which allows me to turn abstract concepts into captivating stories.

Preferred Industries

Communications Construction Consulting Entertainment Manufacturing Marketing & Advertising Media Real Estate Graphic Design


Blogging Copywriting Video production Podcasting Graphic design Website design Ad Design Print Design Visual Identity Design Publication Design Motion Graphics Packaging Design Infographic Design Illustration Design Brand Design Icon Design Art Design Copywriting Fluency in multiple languages Online conferences Google Ads Facebook Ads Promoting products/services Bookkeeping Financial analysis 3D modeling Animation Podcast production Scriptwriting Podcast Editing Stock photography Video editing Influencer Marketing Podcast Production Creative Developer Time Management


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