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Demystifying the HubSpot Web Development Journey: A Guide to Themes, Modules, and Customization


Themes in HubSpot

A theme in HubSpot serves as the foundation for the visual and functional aspects of a website. It dictates the overall design, layout, and styling. When creating a custom theme, you are essentially defining the look and feel of the entire site.


Definition: Modules are reusable components that make up the building blocks of a page. These can range from simple elements like buttons or forms to complex sections like hero banners or product showcases.

Role in Custom Themes: In a custom theme, modules are created and styled to align with the overall theme design. They can be reused across multiple pages, maintaining a consistent look.


Definition: Sections are groups of modules arranged together to form a specific part of a page. For instance, a "Hero" section might include a headline module, an image module, and a CTA (call to action) module.

Role in Custom Themes: Sections are defined within the theme to allow for easy customization of different page areas. Custom sections can be designed to suit the unique content needs of your client.


Definition: Partials are reusable pieces of code or content that can be included in various templates. They are helpful for maintaining consistency across different pages.

Role in Custom Themes: In a custom theme, partials can be used for elements that appear on multiple pages but are not part of a module or section. For example, a custom navigation bar or footer.


Definition: Globals are variables or settings that can be used consistently across different pages. They are useful for elements that need to be easily updated in one place.

Role in Custom Themes: Custom globals can be defined to store information like company contact details, social media links, or any data that is consistent across the entire website.


Definition: Templates are the actual pages that visitors see. They are created using a combination of modules, sections, and other elements defined in the theme.

Role in Custom Themes: Templates are the instances where the design and functionality defined in the theme come to life. Custom templates ensure a cohesive and branded user experience.

Theme Settings Variables

Definition: Theme settings variables are parameters that control various aspects of a theme. These can include color schemes, font choices, and other design elements.

Role in Custom Themes: By defining theme settings variables, you make it easy for your client to customize certain aspects of the theme without delving into the code. For example, they can change the primary color of the site using a simple interface.

Custom Module Editable Fields and Variables

Definition: Custom module editable fields and variables are parameters within a module that can be customized when adding the module to a page. These can include text fields, image upload options, or any variable that may need customization.

Role in Custom Themes: These editable fields provide flexibility to your client when creating or editing pages. For example, they can easily update the text and image in a "Testimonials" module without needing to modify the underlying code.


n summary, a custom theme in HubSpot provides a structured and flexible framework for building a website. Modules, sections, partials, and other components contribute to the modular nature of the theme, allowing for easy customization and consistency. Theme settings variables, as well as editable fields within modules, empower your client to make updates without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Investing in a custom-built theme ensures a unique and tailored web presence, aligning with your client's brand and specific requirements. It offers a balance between a visually appealing design and user-friendly functionality. With the power of customization in their hands, your client can confidently manage and evolve their website over time.

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