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By Jonathan S. on Nov 08th, 2023 1857 29 min

Marketing Pro: The Online Presence Breakdown I shouldn't be Sharing

This article is meant to be a checklist and guide for deve…

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By Jonathan S. on Oct 26th, 2023 287 4 min

Unveiling the Secrets: Calculating the Lifetime Value for Customers, Users, Viewers, and Sponsors

In the intricate dance of business, understanding the true…

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By Jonathan S. on Oct 25th, 2023 316 4 min

Marketing Pro: 12 Steps to Launching a Successful Marketing Campaign

Launching a successful marketing campaign is akin to orch…

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By Jonathan S. on Oct 25th, 2023 285 3 min

Decoding the Art of Buyer Personas: Navigating the Unknown with Precision

In the dynamic realm of marketing, understanding your aud…

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By Jonathan S. on Oct 25th, 2023 480 5 min

Understanding Key Marketing Concepts: Contacts, Companies, Lists, Workflows, and Deals

Success hinges on the ability to forge meaningful connecti…

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